We supply forgings that are produced by transforming on forging presses, forging hammers or in ring rolling mills. According to the subsequent heat treatment, we are able to offer to the most various guidelines and properties. The parts are formed and supplied with a machining allowance or alternatively according to DIN EN ISO 2768 – medium, mechanically pre-machined. Material-conditioned specialties and material specifications in detail could cause a limitation of the below mentioned dimensions.

We will be glad to advise you on forgings with the highest demands

Seamless rings
Outer diameter250 - 3.500 mm
Wall thicknessmin. 20 mm
Height20 - 500 mm

Outer diametermax. 1.800 mm
Heightmax. 600 mm
Weightmax. 10.000 kg

Rectangular forged blocks
Heightmax. 1.400 mm
Widthmax. 1.600 mm
Lengthmax. 2.000 mm
Weightmax. 10.000 kg

Hollow pieces
Inner diametermin. 200 mm
Lengthmax. 6.000 mm
Weightmax. 2.000 kg

Outer diametermax. 3.500 mm
Weightmax. 4.000 kg

Shafts (also stepped)
Outer diametermax. 1.000 mm
Lengthmax. 12.500 mm
Weightmax. 10.000 kg

Die-forged parts
Outer diametermax. 500 mm
Weightmax. 250 kg

Press-forged parts
Outer diametermax. 300 mm
Weightmax. 15 kg