Products and Services

We offer innovative product solutions and individual services with a unique production and service level. Our products are available in a raw, semi-finished or ready-to-install state, according to your technical drawings.


Our Product World

Thanks to many years of experience in the field of material and forming technology, we offer not only a large selection of standard products. but are also able to supply products with special properties that we develop together with you.

The shape does not matter: we deliver bars with lengths up to 16 meters, whether round, square or flat. Our production is precisely carried out through forging, rolling or drawing, according to your exact requirement profile. Conventional materials and dimensions are available directly ex stock.
A tower with a storage capacity of more than 300 tons is at our disposal. Besides entire plates and rectangular cuts, using our waterjet cutting system we manufacture individual cuts based on your drawings.
From individual items to small-scale production, we can supply you with customized forgings. Hammers and forging presses with a maximum capacity of 12,000 tons are available in order to produce discs and perforated discs, forged rings and forged shafts. We supply all forged components, including any required heat treatment and metal machining as well as the required inspections and approvals.
Closed die forging offers an efficient possibility for savings in both material and machining time. In addition, extraordinary technological properties are achieved through a defined fiber orientation according to the component contour. We deliver drop forged items starting from a weight of 2 kg.
Compared to other production processes, ring-rolling radically reduces the material input due to its extreme accuracy. Ideally, the shape of the forging matches the final contour of the prefabricated part. Ring-rolling provides an efficient and competitive manufacturing method for ring-shaped products. We offer seamless rings with a maximum diameter of 6 meters, a maximum height of 1.75 meters, and maximum unit weight of up to 10 tons.
We stock ingots and billets in order to respond to your individual needs flexibly and in the best possible way. Forging presses with a capacity of up to 12,000 tons are available, and guarantee a thorough forming at any time.
We offer everything from capillary tubes to pipe systems and pipe accessories. Due to our remarkable plate storage and our waterjet machine, we can flexibly respond with individual piping solutions.
Are you searching for an individual and special solution that does not seem to be available yet? Do not hesitate to contact us. As your partner, we will be happy to assist you with the development of your products.

Our Services

Our wide range of freely combinable services and products, as well as inventory management tailored to your needs, provides you with new freedom in the planning of your products. Please contact us.

Whether in a furnace atmosphere or in vacuum processing, we offer the entire heat treatment range from 200 to 1,200 °C. Our standard heat treatments include solution annealing, aging, and stress relief heat treatment.
Using hot/cold hardening defined specifically for your application, based on our expertise we can offer you products with exceptional properties. This specific manufacturing process simultaneously combines an extremely high mechanical strength with excellent ductility. The procedure is particularly suitable for non-magnetic manganese-alloyed steels.
Through the use of cold drawing, bars can be manufactured with particular precision. Based on our expertise and using targeted cold drawing techniques, we are able to offer products with exceptional characteristics. The result of the process are components that combine extremely high mechanical strength and excellent ductility. Non-magnetic manganese-alloyed steels are especially suitable for this process
You have the option of pre-machining or final machining according to drawing with a tolerance of a few hundredths of a millimeter. Our standard machining options include turning, drilling and milling as well as eroding.
We offer various types of surface treatment according to your individual requirements, e.g. grinding, polishing or coating.
Due to our extensive experience in the processing of specialized steels, we offer tailor-made saw cuts with extraordinarily tight tolerances.
Using our CNC waterjet system, we can offer you the possibility of cutting complex shapes directly out of sheet metal without the necessity of mechanical finishing – thus saving time and costs. For serial production, we manufacture in twin-head operational mode, halving the processing time.
Specialized materials are subject to extreme mechanical loads. In order to assure maximum safety, we offer our entire portfolio of procedures for destructive and non-destructive material testing, as well as specialized testing procedures.