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  • Enpar Sonderwerkstoffe GmbH
  • Betriebsweg 10
  • 51645 Gummersbach
  • Phone: +49 (0) 2261 798-0
  • Fax: +49 (0) 2261 798-88
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Willy Schleich
Sales Director
Ellen Bauer
Sales Manager Intercompany
Stephan Becker
Business Development Manager Northern Germany
Marcin Chmielewski
Business Development Manager PL
Nicolas Glesener
Business Development Manager Benelux
Yvonne Grignard
Sales Manager
German Zip Code: 2-5
David Jurzyca
Business Development Manager Benelux, CZ, PL, SK
Heike Kleinridders
Sales Manager
Plate products
Michael Krämer
Export Sales Manager
Marketa Malikova
Sales Manager CZ, SK
Libor Maslo
Business Development Manager CZ, SK
Urszula Mroczek
Sales Manager PL
Nick Rau
Sales Manager
German Zip Code: 6-97, AT, CH
Forged Products
Sabrina Schmidt
Sales Manager
German Zip Code: 0-1, 98-99
Key Account Powergen
Nina Stenzel
Sales Manager
German Zip Code: 6-97, AT, CH
Stock Products
Harald Weigel
Business Development Manager
Southern Germany, AT, CH
Sandra Kuchenbecker
Senior Purchasing Manager
Hilda Scholtes
Purchasing Manager Indirect Materials
Michael Manz
Senior Quality Manager
Olaf Sonneborn
Frank Stinn
Patrick Rohde
Technology and Product Development
Dietlind Schulz-Weikert
Senior Manager Dispatch & Export Control
Jens Eisen
Manager Dispatch & Export Control
Patrick Solbach
Manager IT & Infrastructure
Timo Wagener
IT & Infrastructure
Valentin Scherer
Manager Technical Operations
Holger Ruch
Manager Warehouse & Production
Uwe Gehmlich
Forging Supervisor
Stefan Athanassiou
Production Planning & Control
Jan Hobusch
Production Planning & Control
Norman Ruch
Production Planning & Control
Hannes Schneider
Manager Production Planning & Control
Katharina Wolf
Production Planning & Control